December 30, 2009

Hawaii Swell arrives in Punta Mita

Today we spent the day surfing in Punta Mita. A pretty big swell that has made it's way from Hawaii has hit the breaks along the coast causing bumpy anchorages, but fun riding waves. Besides surfing all day the best part of the adventure was maneuvering our dingy into shore through the 4 foot surf . It was thrilling and took some know how not to end up in the water. Thor did a great job getting all four of us and three surfboards to shore ,dry and safe. What a rush of adrenaline.

This fun surf spot used to be a unspoiled beach with a small fishing village. It was sad to see such development along the coast line, and even more disheartening to hear the true story behind the newly built resorts. In short families who had been living here for years were forced to move from their homes, garden and subsistence lifestyle. The reef which used to be alive and flourish with sea life now is a dead reef.

This story sounded too familiar. We tried to walk to the town today making our way from the beach and were surprised to find the well manicured resorts not only were gated to keep people out, but to also keep them in. We had trouble finding our way to the real town trough the maze of Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and other 5 star resorts. We felt as if we could of been anywhere in the states except for the barbed wire surrounding the outskirts of the resort complex. We were looking for a local taco stand and walked for quite a way only to realize there were none and ended up back on the beach to eat at one of the restaurants geared toward the resort guest. The trick to finding the local places was the farther we got from the center the less expensive and more authentic it was.

We had a great day surfing with Jesse, who rode the bus from San Pancho to hang out with us.
Our day was topped off with a beautiful sunset and a great nights sleep.

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December 29, 2009

What Time is It in Mexico?

With Christmas behind us and the New Year fast approaching we are trying to figure out what our itinerary for 2010 will be. Our thoughts and ideas change as quickly as the clock , and the clock is something we need to figure out. Since leaving San Diego I don't think I have known what the correct time has been. From San Diego to Cabo we were on Baja Ha Ha time, not Baja time but HA Ha time. This was for the ease of the cruising rally so that all the boats stayed on the same time. Now I could look at the time on my phone but for some reason it always was an hour behind. I think it somehow was on LA time. Now we just crossed the Sea and our on the Mainland Coast in Puerto Vallarta where it all just gets more confusing. The Banderas Bay falls on two States, Jalisco and Nayarit. We arrived in La Cruz which is in Nayarit with our clocks still set on La Paz time. The Airport is is Nayarit, but because most of the tourist stay in Pv, which is in Jalisco everyone supposedly follows the Jalisco time in order not to confuse flight times, excursions etc. So being that We are not in Jalisco, but Nayarit,and not the typical tourist, it has been hard to find out what time it really is. Even the locals are confused by this. ( Are you following?)

So yesterday we took some friends from Jalisco and Nayarit out sailing. We sailed north from the Marina to Punta de Mita were we will be for a few days to surf and explore. We were all treated to a nice sail and catching a nice size Sierra along the way. So after a relax on the hook and a fresh lunch of ceviche everyone needed to know what time it was to be able to catch their buses back to their respective towns, the problem was no one had a watch, and the boat clock is still La Paz time. (which very well could be Nayarit time)

So to make it easy we have now decided to be on Manana time.
As for the Itinerary for 2010 I guess it looks like we will figure that out Manana.

December 27, 2009

Gotta Love It!




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La paz to Chrstmas in La Cruz

The past couple months in the Sea of Cortez have been filled with great adventures, new friends and a life time of memories. La PAz was proven to be a great spot to gear the boat up with some new and exciting luxuries on Meshach. The first new luxury was the new refrigerator Thor built with materials from the newly opened Home Depot. Nothing like a refrigerator for Christmas.... Ho Ho Ho!

We left La Paz on and did our first long crossing to Puerto Vallarta. We made the passage in in three days four nights. It was a fairly non eventful crossing with a bit more motoring then we would have liked. We left La Paz later then planned and would arrive with only one day to spare for Christmas. We were talking about what we could do for Christmas dinner and next thing you know we were pulling in a 30 yellow fin tuna and a 35 pound Mahi Mahi onto the boat. Not too shabby! We pulled into La Cruz late on the 22nd and the 23rd we pulled into the Marina to get ready for Christmas. Thor and the kids stayed in La Cruz while I with Kim and Harvey off the boat Gypsy Wind hit the town in the rental jeep to do a whirlwind shopping trip. It was a jam packed afternoon and we did all our shopping in a rental jeep with no windows and no way to lock the doors. We had the jeep jam packed with food and gifts and left it with the question," How long can you leave a jeep with no windows, full of Christmas gifts, on Christmas Eve?" It proved you could leave it with no worries.

Jesse who has been traveling in mainland Mexico since he left the boat in La Paz, joined us for Christmas. We had fun setting up a Christmas Grotto in the cockpit complete with 1 foot plastic tree, decorated with shells we collected on the Islands and a lovely metal hand painted Nativity we picked up in the Bazaar in La Paz . It was the most simple and fun filled Christmas morning . We had a beautiful Christmas dinner on our Gypsy Wind with Russian Borscht, Sushi, Ahi Sashimi and Posole. Yes quite the untrraditional feast that turned out to be and excelent meal with great company.

We will be in La Cruz for a few more days before we sail uo to Punta De Mita to get in some surfing and explore the jungles of Nayarit. The kids are haveing a blast fishing off the docks. Tristan has become quite the driver of the family dingy, and both of the kids are enjoying practicing spanish and soaking in all the surrounds.

December 05, 2009

Life In The Islands

The last few weeks have been a big blur. Everyday rolls into the next and the days are packed full of adventure and projects. We spent a few weeks in La Paz doing boat projects and exploring. Jesse left the boat and has gone onto to Mainland Mexico where he is exploring Banderas Bay (PV). It was excellent having him aboard for the past month or so. The few weeks we spent in the island off of La Paz. Our first stop was Caleta Lobos and as you can see from the pix posted last we hit some dry land with the boat... Yes this was on purpose and proved to be a lot of fun. With the full moon and the drastic tidal range we were able to careen the boat to allow Thor to re-pitch the engine prop and clean the bottom without getting wet. We anchored in the morning of the tide change and slowly watched as the water left the bottom of the boat. We had about 24 hours before we were completely floating again. It was fun experience minus the continuous swarming of wasp.

The next morning we sailed up to Isla Ispiritu Santos with our friends on Gypsy Wind. We enjoyed one of our favorite anchorages kayaking, skurfing, hiking and a great bonfire on the beach.

November 24, 2009

A day In the life of La Paz

La Paz has been a great place to base ourselves for the last month. So much for the lazy days of Mexico. La Paz is a real Mexican town, a far cry from the tourist traps of Cabo San Lucas. No timeshare sales pitches, no trinkets being forced at you everywhere you go and no cruise ships to dump thousands of tourist on the beach. La Paz is a real town, it is the capital of Baja and a place local Mexican come to get away from it all. There is one problem when it comes to La Paz. It is a hard place to leave. Now La Paz is not tour typical vision of Mexico, it is beautiful, but in a special way that you have to experience for yourself. La Paz is large enough to get about everything you might need, but small enough that after a few weeks and a few trips down the Malecon, the faces start to look familiar and the town quickly grabs a hold of you.. It's no wonder we returned here, and we know we'll be back again. We have been a little delinquent in our post but, hey we have been surprisingly busy with all sorts of boat projects. Can you believe it more projects? But with all the work comes even more play. We have been enjoying meeting up with old friends in La Paz and meeting new ones as well. It is almost as if we never left, almost as if we never left, except now we have two rascals to show our old stomping grounds. All is well, and as our little four year old says," Ahh La Paz!"

November 18, 2009

Los Suenos

We have been enjoying the this exclusive resort and the beautiful anchorage in Los Muertos. We have lost track of time but think it has been about five days of luxury resort life. The resort stands alone in an isolated bay with many surprises
The first sursprise was that no one was here. We were invited to enjoy the pool(s) as long as we had a drink or lunch. The restaruant had a second story dedicated to kids, a museum size elecrtic train set including kid size tunnels to explore, and explore they did.

The Gran Suenos is located about 40 minutes from La Paz and sits on one of the most beautiful bays of the East Cape of Baja. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and the deep green grass of the golf course is a soothing sight in the dessert terrain. I would recommend this relaxing oasis to anyone wanting a beautiful Baja vacation. Hey we might even still be here...
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Bahia Los frailes

We had a great time exploring the sea life in Los Frailes
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November 14, 2009

Addios Cabo

We all had our share of Cabo , some a little more than others. The anchorage was a far dingy ride into the marina, but the clear warm water, and the nice breeze were a much better choice. The overpriced Marina came with no breeze, loud rap music and a a fee of 150 per night. We left Wednesday morning and headed up the Cape to Los Frailes, a spot that we enjoyed in 2000 and 2001. We had a slow sail up ,but made up for it with the fish we caught. We caught a 4 foot Mahi and a 20 pound Ahi. We enjoyed sashimi and sushi for lunch and ceviche and tacos for dinner.

Los Frailes was again a great anchorage. We enjoyed dinners with our friends on Vento, and had fun seeing the gang on Qualchan. Tristan made a new friend Luke who is his age. The boys impressed us with their independence. Tristan and Luke took off solo in the Kayak and landed it like pros on the beach, carefully watching the surf and timing their landing and take off perfectly.

The bay was alive with bat rays flying out of the water, large schools of colorful fish and a fun and noisy sea lion colony. The only downfall to the bay was the no see ums on the shoreline at dusk The evening Bon Fire had to be postponed.

All is well, we are now under sail now headed toward Los Muertos ( Bahia Los Suenos) where we will wait out an upcoming weather front and hope to find a few more amenities than Los Frailes.

The upgrades on Meshach have been great, but we are again without refrigeration... Not that bad but ice is now a much needed commodity given we just caught our third fish. Plenty to share in the next anchorage.

November 11, 2009

Turtle Bay to Cabo

After a crazy night at sea we arrived in Bahia De Tortuga. Did I mention that for the first time in Baja Ha ha history a boat was lost. J World a very sea worthy boat and experienced crew hit a Humpback whale and was sunk in 45 min. They spent two hours in the freezing water and two more hours waiting in the life raft for the coast guard.

We are ready to get off the boat and and stretch our legs. Not much has changed since we were here last in 2001, except for the amount of boats. It's crazy to see so many boats anchored in one bay, all so far from home. we have already shed our warm clothes and the water is warm enough to swim. The kids are magnets to other kids and they act as if they have known each other a long time. I guess the shared experience creates a bond, or they are all just over adults.

With organized chaos the Baja Ha ha group stormed the beach for volleyball, swimming, surfing, water balloons and a potluck. It was fun seeing the kids explore their new surroundings. Sienna kept saying are we in the real Mexico.

We went into town the second evening for the Day of the Dead, definitely a small town festival. T and S enjoyed the park in the town center and we had a great meal at the local taco stand. The braver of the crew ate tripe tacos, but I stuck to the carne asada.

Onto Bahia Santa Maria......

October 30, 2009

Baja Ha Ha

The adventure began as we sailed out of San Diego with the fleet of 190 boats. It was a beautiful sight seeing almost all of the boats under spinaker( big colorful sail for downwind conditions) as they turned south for the border. The last two months in California were a lot of fun, but the real cruising begins now.

The first leg of our trip was not without excitement. The first night at sea was calm as the winds filled in from the north. By Afternoon of day two the story changed. Large swell from the Pacific North moved its way down the Baja, and a little more excitement was about to take place. We listed to weather from the rally boat as they were receiving weather info via satellite phone . Conditions were supposed to increase that night then die rapidly. So with a fish on the hook at dusk we, along with most of the boats in the fleet decided to pull into the nearest protected achorage for the night.

For us the closest anchorage was Cabo Colinet. We would be protected from the wind and would feel a little bit of the swell. Well come day day break, it was clear we should of kept going as the huge winds that were expected never came and the swell moved across the bay with a new found force. Breaking waves showed there strength a little too close to our stern. So up the anchor went and out to sea, far from the rocky shores we sailed.

With full sails up and light air we surfed down the faces of the fast building swells hoping for a little more breeze. Oh and did we get it!

October 28 2nd night at sea

The winds built fast and the direction of the swells started to prove challenging. The auto pilot that steers the boat was now not able to keep our course, and the next 24 hours would be a test of not only our boat, but our family as well. My kids rock! And Daddy is the Hero. The wind now has built to 25 + knots and the seas are quickly rising to well over 25 feet, the boat is loud as she surfs down the front of these huge waves. The waves are big, but they are close together as well making the steering a bit more challenging. Thor is at the helm hand steering as the kids and I lay horizontal for the next 20 plus hours.. 24 hours to be exact Uncle Jesse, our crew for the trip down was also horizontal resting awaiting his watch and a chance to relieve Thor.

Our normal watches are at max 4 hours. He would sleep through 4 watches as Thor stood at the helm hand steering for 16 hours. No margin for error is how Thor put it and he only trusted himself. So for the next 16 hours Thor stood at the helm tired, wet and hungry. It took a lot but I mustered up just enough energy to get him a ham sandwich, his slippers and some chocolate, and a coke to keep him going. It's not so much that I was tired, it's the smells I didn't want to deal with.
The motion of the boat was erratic and the thought of cooking anything was out of the question. Mal de Mer had joined the crew. We had all done so well at this point.

We did not eat, we barely drank, we laid there in the aft cabin snuggled together listening to the sounds of the waves crashing and the hum of the boat as we raced down the waves at 18 knots wishing daddy could be warm and dry next to us.

October 12, 2009

It's a small world after all.....

This week was filled with some exciting and some not so exciting activities. We had our first and hopefully last injury. Tristan had a little encounter with the sidewalk at the skate park. A little lesson learned. Even if Mom says to take it off a sweet jump, don't Listen. It was pretty traumatic for all, but he is healing fine and should be ready to go again soon.

The big adventure was Disneyland. All the Temme cousins got together and had a fun filled two days. Thursday night we did the Trick or Treat party with Mickey. Tristan was Anican Sky walker and Sienna was a Little kitty cat. We will be underway off Baja for Halloween so the kids got their costume and candy fix. Disneyland was a blast and Sienna was just tall enough to do the big kid rides. They loved it! Pirates of the Caribbean and Matterhorn where some of the favorites. We left Tristan at Disneyland and came home with Indiana Jones. He has worn his new get up everyday with much loved attention from passer byes.

We are now finished with most of the big projects. New sail covers and shade awning are done and look great. WE were planning on leaving today , but high winds from the wrong direction have altered the plans for a few more days.
There is never a shortage of things to do in Santa Barbara. Saturday was the Harbor Festival. Great food, music and a lot of people. We saw a handful of people we knew, the builder of Meshach was in SB for the day on her new Catamaran also heading South. Thor enjoyed showing her all the new parts of the boat, and she was very excited about the finished project. We also got a surprise visitor from Kauai. Andy Evans showed up at the boat, he was in town just for the day and spotted our mast from the dock. We had a nice dinner with Andy his friends and the Avila's. Meshach is pretty unmistakable, it is always fun to run into friends in far off places. It is a small world after all.....

September 30, 2009

Can You Say Avacado?

Today was The Avocado Festival in Carpenteria and so off we went. Lots of Guacamole, Avocado Ice Cream, Avocado Beer and Avocado Man..... Well as the kids put it "there's a guy inside the avocado" The festival was so so , but having all the Temme cousins together from Kauai and LA was a real treat. The kids enjoyed the climbing wall, the bounce houses and running into more Kauai Keiki. We ran into the Osborne's and the Riley's. It really is a small small world..

So we are settling into life in SB.... But warm weather calls. Burr today we had 35+ winds with a nice little chill to top it off. We are planning on heading South early next week. First to explore the Channel Islands then off to Newport and then to San Diego.

We are all adjusting.... Some faster then others. Mom is falling behind... Wow I don't remember the boat feeling this small! HA HA Well less to clean. Looking forward to new destinations. Check out the picture we found in last months Latitude 38. Pretty Cool!

September 21, 2009

Santa Barbara Living

Santa Barbara,Mexico Santa Barbara Mexico Hmmmm...... We are having a great time here our days are flying by and are filled with fun actives. Hey we could just stay here, but then that would probably cut the time we are out by more than half. I don't think the peso works here. Yesterday we took the boat out for a sail along the waterfront that was bustling with activity. The beaches were filled with people enjoying the dual concerts and our entertainment were the sea lions and pelicans. What a fun sight for our island kids.

The boat is slowly coming together and the reality of moving south draws closer. We will probably go out to the Channel Island this week and then back to the SB before heading south.

Here are a few of the fun things the kids have been up to.

September 15, 2009

Zoo BQS and Apple Picking

It has been a week in Santa Barbara and our itinerary has been pretty full. Our first few days was simply lounging around the house and decompressing from the hectic schedule of the past few months. The kids are in hog heaven with the their friend Tanner and it's fun to get our baby fix with little sis Skylar.

We put Thor to work right away fixing the non working hot tub at the Avila's...Presto that guys can fix anything...So jacuzzi nights in the cool Santa Barbara air have been a nice way to wind down the day.

We are liking the idea of Santa Barbara and it's no wonder so many of our Kauai friends have ended up here. It is a beautiful, activity filled, laid back town. Ooh and I love the Trader Joe's. The bike paths are amazing and the waterfront bustles with activity.

Friday night was BBQ at the Zoo, Santa Barbara style. The zoo was filled with bounce houses, food, games, live music and the climbing wall. Tristan was a natural at the climbing and the rappelling on the way back down, Yes GG he was harnessed in. The kids also hit the stage dancing and drumming. The hit of the night was feeding the giraffe. As Sienna put it" This is my favorite animal in the whole wide world." She didn't even mind being licked by his foot long tongue.

Our weekend ended with a Sunday drive to the Danish town of Solvang. We had a nice lunch, strolled around town, and ate chocolate.
As we left town we stopped to pick our own pesticide free apples from the tree. What a fun treat for our Island Keiki.

We hope to post pictures soon. I think the cord is on the other side of the Pacific.....

This week is all about prepping the boat and getting ready for a sail out to the Channel Islands.

September 10, 2009

And Now... The Rest of the Story

Sorry for the lag in posting. Sept 8Th has come and gone and the crew of Meshach has arrived safely on the other side. We have had a fun filled week in Santa Barbara. More on that later.

The welcoming committee in Santa Barbara was awesome!

Rich Steve's Brother in law was our official spotter. From San Luis Obispo he drove South scanning the horizon, and was the first person to spot Meshach. We received the call to let us know to head over to the Shoreline Park along the coast for the best vantage point. Then of course there is Kara who so lovingly gave up her husband for three weeks for Adam to help Thor on the crossing, a big thank you to both of them.. Kara James and Marie have also been our gracious Host and Hostess while we have been here in SB... Yes we are not on the boat full time yet and we better move on soon or this might get too comfortable... Michelle, Ava and Carrie , also from Kauai also showed up for the welcome party.

The fun didn't stop at the dock. A big Mahalo to Lori and Mark the owners of Island Brewing, who not only bought beer to the dock , but opened up the brewery for a BBQ, unlimited beer on tap. Kauai friends, the Rileys and the Osbornes as well as family of the crew got together at a wonderful venue.. The brew pub is in Carpenteria, has an ocean view and the occasional rumble of the train that runs right by the front of their establishment....
Good food and fun was had by all. We hope to all get together again soon to do some sailing.

So of course along with all the food and fun came the stories. It has been established that Steve had the worst shift, did most of the cooking and probably will do a crossing again just not any time soon..
He has definitely put his time in on Meshach and we can never thank him enough. But Thor told him it's like child birth, he will soon forget and will hit the high seas soon. But then what does Thor know about childbirth???

It took Thor till the next day to tell me that 400 miles out from Kauai the centerboard pin blew out and the centerboard banged around for a day, he had to swam under the boat in the middle of the big blue to established that they were not going to have a good time going to weather. (the cb is a very essential part to pointing the boat when headed into weather.) Two thirds of the trip from Hawaii to California is usually up wind, but they lucked out or had an angel in the winds, because despite what the weather maps were saying they somehow had their own weather system that pushed them along. In normal conditions Thor said they should still be out there.

Ahhh! Well that's how it goes, They didn't want to worry us. I am glad I did not know ,as my plate was already just a little full.

Now we are preparing to get the boat back in order to call her home. We will be in SB for about two weeks before we start heading south.

September 07, 2009

Noon Arrival...

Tomorrow at noon is the ETA. Not 11:00 not 1:00 but 12:00. OK! we will be there on the dock at noon. With a group of loved ones from all different directions coming to meet the crew, it was a specific a time. There is something about seeing them sail in from offshore that is so exciting. We don't want to miss it. So we will be leaving this morning bright and early to start the drive to SB, Kara will be leaving even earlier to arrive from San Fransisco. Thor said if it's any sooner they will slow the boat down. Why they would slow the boat down, even for us, well I know land would be looking too good to me. But hey whats another hour or so when you've been out at sea for 19 days.

This has been a long time for us not to have Thor around and are looking forward to having our family back together. To be completely truthful I am looking forward to a little R & R myself. When was the last three week, or three day, vacation I had with out the keiki. OK I could never leave them for that long but a day without mommy duties would be pretty nice.

I keep saying how surreal it feels to be gone from home and starting this amazing adventure. Seeing Thor and having the boat here will make it pretty real.

Home Stretch....

200 Miles to go and plenty of wind to get them here. This morning at 0:600 they were at
35.20 n 127.25 w with 25 knots of wind in 10+ seas. The boat speed is 10+ and they hope to maintain speed to arrive in SB by Tuesday morning.

Last night was the coldest night yet as well as the boat being pretty wet. Poor Steve got swamped by one of the only waves that hit the cockpit the whole trip. To make it worse he had just grabbed his dry clothes. I am sure they are more than ready to be on dry land and have a very long hot shower and a very cold beer.

We are leaving bright and early tomorrow to make sure we are there when they arrive. Kara is driving down from San Fransisco to meet they crew and Steve's family will be there as well. We are so excited to also have a whole group of wonderful friends from Kauai and my cousin Tyson who now live in Santa Barbara. It will be a nice welcoming committee.

We will get an afternoon update today with a more precise update on arrival.... I will try to post

September 06, 2009

Sept 6 2009

35.20 North 127.25 West

399 Miles to go....

The Boys still have great wind and are doing about 10 knots in 16-18 knots of wind. Thor says that if they can maintain a average of 6.7 knots they could arrive in Santa Barbara on Tuesday afternoon... YES We can't wait....

The kids and I landed at midnight at LAX with a new appreciation for direct flights.
After a long flight from Lihue to San Fran and a plane change to LAX the M.M.M came to be. (major mom maneuvering). How was I going to get two sleeping children, three carry on bags and a hand bag off the plane. Not to mention a stop at baggage claim to pick up two 50 pound pieces of luggage and the car seat.

Waking Sienna was not an option, unless I was ready to replay a scene from the movie The Exorcist, and getting Tristan to help carry a bag at this stage of exhaustion would also be asking a little too much. Thus M.M.M...

As I waited for everyone else to depart an agent called from the front asking if anyone needed a wheel chair. Ha ha ! Were they serious? Uhhh I guess not. I was the last one on so my reply was yes... I guess they thought I was joking. Did I not look as if a wheel chair would be the perfect solution to my dilemma . I thought so , but off went the wheel chair leaving me to deal with this on my own.

Baby Pack on , sleeping baby in, Tristan awake and on his own , one... two.. three... four ..bags check, and I still get the exorcist moment. Sienna broke into a ten minute long tirade of I want Daddy Daddy daddy..DADDYYYYY... At any moment I was expecting security to appear and ask if this was my child. Instead the pilot and the flight crew got a kick out of my silent torment. They asked if I was from here. "No we just left Hawaii"
There reply was , "That explains it" I was too relaxed and with all the chaos, they couldn't believe I still had a smile on my face.

Welcome to Los Angeles...

September 04, 2009

700 Miles To Go....

Today at 11 am the boat was 735 miles from SB and sailing along at 9-14 knots in 3-4 foot seas from every direction.
They are at 36.06N 135 West

Given that they have been out there for two weeks they still appear to be having fun. I am having a little fun of my own trying to fit a years worth of worldly possessions in one small suitcase. Yippee!

The impact of leaving is starting to hit and it comes with mixed emotions. we are getting so excited to be finally doing it!

Tomorrow the kids and I will board the jumbo jet and in 6 hours we will cover the same distance that will take the boys 2 1/2 weeks. fifteen minutes of flying is equal to a day on the water. Wow! Now that really puts it into perspective . The kids might finally get it. Keiki question of the day.... ...
Is Daddy already passed Honolulu?

It has been a long and very non child friendly last few months. As Tristan says, " Mom are we ever going to have fun?" Despite the long days and the unstructured madness, my children have been amazing, despite my moments of insanity.

We have worked hard to put it all together and it's nice to see the results from all the hard work. But with the joys there is a bit of sadness as well. We leave behind our island home, our wonderful family and some pretty amazing friends. Wait! Now why are we leaving?

Oh that's right ...Adventure, wanderlust and a chance to create spectacular memories with our children. So with smiles on our faces, excitement in our minds and desire in our hearts we launch this next chapter in our lives.

We are looking forward to sharing our adventures and hearing from you as well.

Aloha Kauai! A Hui Hou

September 03, 2009

Spinaker Speed and Shout Outs!

36.28 North
39.28 West
SW Winds 15- 20 Great Conditions
976 Miles to go

"It was the most beautiful night sailing ever" ... Thor

The crew sailed all day Wednesday under spinnaker sail until they took it down at midnight. The conditions were amazing, with comfortable temperatures, clear skies and a really nice boat speed.

Now as far as speed they are booking.... They hit their record for this trip 18.7 knots which is equivalent to 20 mph.. they are averaging 15 knots for the last few hours. The sailing feels safe and controlled and if they can keep the boat moving, they might even get there ahead of us.

Steve to Rich "Spikes! Yes"
"Hi Mom"
and a Shout Out to his Peeps at Island Soap! Yes SP that means you.

From the crew a big shout out to Tony Lehoven

September 02, 2009

Halfway Party ! Sept 2 2009

Champagne for the crew as they celebrated their halfway mark. I don't know what the criteria was for halfway. I hope it was miles accomplished and not days underway.

They have great wind and very nice conditions. They are 1130 miles from Santa Barbara and sailing along nicely at 8-9 knots of wind. The forecast for the next few days looks favorable , and if they can keep up their speed they could be there in the next 5-6 days.

Position is 36.35
Winds from the NW `12-15
Seas 3 feet
Boat Speed 8 knots

September 01, 2009

The Faithfull Albatross

Today marks day 12 into the voyage across the Pacific. I had a little adrenalin boost when I received the phone call this morning . I answered our routine morning call with "Hi Honey" and the voice back was familiar but not right. Steve answered back with, "Hi Tanya It's Steve" my reply was "Is Thor OK" Steve casually replies "Oh yeah he's hand steering we are doing 10 and 11 knots so he is at the helm" My heart stopped for a mere three seconds with every tragic thought running through my head.. Anyway all is fine . Steve just wanted to send a message.

Hi Friends and Family this has been an amazing adventure so far, I probably will not be back on the tenth. We are having a great time. I have been eating better on the boat than I have at home. Thanks Tanya!
I liked that.

And Larry ..... NO you can not have my Patron just yet!

Position for Sept 1
147.04 West
sailing 10-11 knots in 17 knots of wind from the north.

They are all out of shorts now and the fashion of the moment fleece or anything dry. Steve got a wave over the head as he was on the phone this morning. There goes one more set of dry clothes. They have had a fairly uneventful trip so far. The one thing they look forward to is the faithful albatross that shows up every morning and evening. The sea bird has been following them for the past 8 days. They thought he changed course when they decided to tack, but showed up again this morning for morning roll call. The kids want to know if we can keep it as a pet.

They are thinking about opening their halfway gifts today or tomorrow... Stay tuned for the excitement. Ha Ha!

August 31, 2009

Burr... It's getting cold

As Meshach heads into the northern latitudes and colder weather the crew have now started to put on their socks and shoes for their night watches. The winds have picked up and the seas were a bit bumpy last night. They reefed down the sails last night , but are now under full sail doing 5 knots in 15 knots of wind from the NE. They are headed north and the seas have flattened a little this morning.

Their position is 35.40 North 148.33 West (see map)

As far as entertainment they are all getting a lot of reading in. Thor says mahalo to Candice and Mark for the books, he finished the Book Thief and Life of Pi

August 30, 2009

Aug 30 Scooting Along

Same story different day...
The boys are scooting along nicely doing 8 knots in 10-15 knots of wind from the NE. They are headed to a waypoint of 36 north 144 west.
Today they are at 35.16 N 149.44W .
Meanwhile we are enjoying our last days at home. Having lots of fun!

August 29, 2009

We Need 240 Mile Days

With 1700 miles to go the boat would need to maintain a steady speed of ten knots in order for the boat to reach Santa Babara by September 6th. (That's when we are scheduled to arrive) Not looking promising. Meshach has no problem sailing those speeds, but you need wind and well that has not been the story, until now.

Right now they are sailing a speed of about 10 knots in 10 to 15 knots of wind from the south east. So even if they maintain this speed over the next week, which is unlikely they will still be short of the coast by about 100 miles. So it looks like we might just stay put a few extra days. They are expecting more wind according to the router, but we will have to wait and see.

Aug 29
07:30 Don't they know it's Saturday and I was sleeping in. NOT!!

35.17 North
151.49 West
winds 10-15 SE

Till Tomorrow!

August 28, 2009

Finally Some Wind

Aug 29
33.53 North
152.12 North
10 knots of wind from the SW doing 6 knots

After 20 hours of the running the engine they have finally found the pocket of wind they need. According to the weather maps and the weather router they should be getting NW winds later today and start putting some miles behind them.

Not much to report other than, Espressos and Biscotti for breakfast,they are hoping to catch a fish for lunch, and Steve spotted a ship on his night watch passing them and headed to Hawaii. Ooh Exciting! I am being sarcastic. Thor was hoping to catch up on reading. In the last few years it's been nothing other than how to books or operation manuals. No excuses now.

At day ten they are still not at the halfway point. So all those nice halfway presents are still sitting to be opened.

I might just have to stay a few days longer and enjoy some Kauai beach time with friends and family.

August 27, 2009

One week and counting

Aug 27 Weather Map
Meshach is at 33.14 N 153.28 W

They are in 8-10 knots of wind steering a course of 50 degrees. Today marks one week since they left Kauai and they are not quite half way across. They are experiencing what Thor called a HUGE groundswell from the north. They will contact the weather router today to see what they need to avoid. They have enjoyed receiving the text messages and say hi back to all who have written. All is well.

August 26, 2009

Clean Sheets and Showers

Yeah! I was finally able to add the map that will allow everyone to follow the boats position across the Pacific.

Aug 26 @ 07:30 their position was 32.23 North 155.41 West.

Not many miles were covered yesterday as they crawled along at two knots in flat seas, but they are now a much cleaner crew. Calm seas and a slow moving boat allowed them to do laundry, make water and have a much needed hot shower. Wow! Now that is luxury! Nothing like fresh sheets after six nights of salt scrubs. Hey people pay big bucks for that kind of treatment!

On Tuesday they sailed through a cold front and are now in 20 knots of wind from the WNW. They are sailing along at 8 knots in 6 foot seas. They sound good and are enjoying being out there .

I asked them if they have started estimating an arrival time. Not so much as they are still trying to get north and into some favorable winds. They have been using Commander Weather, a weather routing service that helps them determine the best point of sail to get them there quickly and safely.

I know I shouldn't have but I did. I asked Thor if anything has broken. Why did I ask? Well more projects!

Now for those not familiar with the boating life, it is pretty common for there to be a project. How else would you spend all your free time. Well it's not that bad. A few of the tramp attachments pulled out when large seas slammed the boat on the first night out. It was probably the few I installed! I am not a boat builder, but, hey I did change the ignition coil in my car yesterday! Not too shabby! I gave myself brownie points.

Another day ...another couple hundred miles... Thanks for all the comments.

August 25, 2009

Day 5 180 Miles

Just got the update from Kara (Adams Wife) I am glad she got the call but missed hearing Thor's voice, even though it's only for a millisecond and we only talk about the weather.

Aug 25 @ 0:700
30 degrees 51 minutes North
156 degrees 33 minutes West

They are doing 4.5 knots right now but were averaging 7-8 during the night. They did about 180 miles in 24 hours which is pretty good.

On day two out they did catch a baby Mahi Mahi that was just big enough for lunch for the three of them. I hoped they used the tortillas for fish tacos. Yes! that's me micromanaging.

A cold front was approaching that should bring a southwesterly breeze that will be favorable for them.
Kara was happy to hear his voice and said Adam was pretty sure at this rate he would miss a bachelor party in Tahoe, but it is still early in the trip so you never know. Other than a Tropic Bird they haven't seen much sea life, and have only spotted two ships.

The Keiki and I are counting the days and checking off our list.

August 24, 2009

Aug 24

OK All is well. Today's position is
28.24 North
157.12 west
Winds 15 ENE
Boat Speed 8-9 knots
Skies are partly cloudy and squally conditions
Barometer reads 1018

This is an image of the wind direction and speed for today. Imagine the lines are flags and the tails show the direction that the wind is blowing. Every tail represents 10 knots of wind and 1/2 a tail is 5 knots.
So based their position, they better take a right hand turn and head east.

They where in good spirits and eating a deluxe omelet that Steve whipped up. They weren't complaining about the food weight now! They were very thankful for their gourmet eats...

August 23, 2009

Seas Calming

UPDATE! All is well on the high seas. The seas have calmed down and they are sailing in 2 foot seas with the ENE wind blowing a nice 15 Knots. The boat speed in 8-9 knots and they are all feeling great. The boats position @ 08:00 was 26.36 north 157.54 west.
Track the boat here
Our phone calls are to the point. Where are you? Are you ok? How far have you traveled? Not much material to add to the blog. I am sure there will be plenty of fish tales on the other side.

For now the land based Temme clan is busy finishing up "THE LIST" to transition into boat life. Wow ! It wasn't this hard last time around. I am looking forward to the simple life.

August 22, 2009

Day Two

Good Morning 08:11 Just heard from the crew and all is well.
There position is
25.12 north 157.57 west

The ocean is ugly and confused 5-6 foot swell. The winds are at 15 knots and they are reefed down after a night full of squalls. The boat is slogging along at 4 knots... That is really slow and does not sound fun.
They are in contact with a weather router who is calling for the winds to lighten up. I don't know if that is good or bad.
Mal De Mar is present but subsiding. They sound in good spirits and say Hi.

I am working on an interactive map for the sight so we can see and plot there daily progress.

August 21, 2009

Meshach Location 08:15

I just got the first Satellite phone call from the crew. Their position is
23 degrees 27min north 158 degrees 25 min west. They are sailing along at a good speed in somewhat bumpy seas. All is well.
The watch schedule will be 4 hours on 8 hours off.
Thor will be from 6-10
Steve will do 10-2
Adam will do 2-8...

I can text them a message. So if you want to leave a message let me know! Not much more to report as we are keeping the calls short.

Off to my Birthday Massage.. Thank you Thor..

August 20, 2009

Meshach Departs

After four years of hard work refitting Meshach and months of preparing her and our family for this exciting adventure Meshach, has finally lifted her sails and presently charges northbound into the vast Pacific. Thor, Steve and Adam left this afternoon at 1:58 pm from Nawiliwili, Kauai. With overcast skies, a dampness in the air and white capped seas they sailed under reefed mains as family and friends watched from the dock. Tristan and I drove to the Ninini Lighthouse and arrived just as they were clearing the headland of Ninini Point. We called to say our final farewells and their spirits seemed as lively as the seas. There were tears of joy for so much accomplished, joined with tears of sadness as my best friend and our home for the next year set off into the vast Pacific. I am comforted by the combined knowledge and experience of the crew, the dedication to a long project and knowing that Thor is with two amazing friends.

At 6:00 we received our last call as they sailed out of cell range. Thor said Kauai was fading from view and he was ready to hit the pillow for some much needed shut eye. From here on we will be in contact by Iridium Satellite phone. We should hear from them tomorrow and I will post their position, sea conditions and comments. We are all putting our guesses in for the passage time. If you want to add your guess leave it in comments.