April 26, 2009

Tristan's First Track Meet

Fun in the sun and a little sunburn as well. All the kids had a great time on the track. This was our first experience with track with our children.. It did bring back memories of track when I was younger. I just told Tristan a story about the time I was running the 400 meter. I had no experience with pacing myself.. I should of stuck to sprints, but as it happened I took off like a rocket only to find myself loosing steam half way around the track. I remember being so far ahead and then suddenly feeling so defeated as Jennifer H beat me to the finish.

I tell Tristan this was a lesson in pacing myself. So here I sit 25 years later on the same field and bleachers. I tell Tristan, "Have fun that's all that matters." But then who do I see on the field, but Jennifer H. Now a mom herself and coach for her offspring...

It brings a little smile to my face and the little competitive side of me wanting to yell out, Oh Hi remember me. The skinny long legged kid you beat. How about another chance at the 400?

Twenty five years or more have passed, and I am far from the skinny long legged kid I was. I would like to think by now that I have learned to pace myself.... And given the chance to run it again. I think this time I could probably win.

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April 23, 2009


Cold winds and head colds.. Two weeks of sick kids. I think we are at the tail end of this madness. Mid April has passed and August is quickly approaching. August being our goal to have Meshach livable and ready for the passage across the Pacific. The house to do list has dwindled as the boat to do list has grown. There is so much to do , but more to think about. What to pack away, what we will need on the boat.. High quality kitchen gadgets come to mind. Don't skimp on this , something learned from doing this before. Bill payer services and basically just simplifying ones life.

I think simplicity is more Thor's motto than mine . As I sit home blogging he is simplifying systems on the boat. Why complicate something with pumps and levers..leave it up to gravity he says. He is referring to the holding tank for the not so glamorous parts of boat life... the head (toilet) . Ok I would rather be at home doing domestics, then a contortionist trying to install systems upside down. the words " Four people on a 45 foot boat for a year" keeps echoing in my head .. What do we really need? Ok back to simplifying our lives. Ok I am pretty organized, simple not so much, but the combination of the two is what we have to strive for. So why can't I find the book Moving onto boats for Dummies? Oh! Ideas .... no time for that.. So I think I will start with trying to figure out what we can't live without versus what we need.