October 30, 2009

Baja Ha Ha

The adventure began as we sailed out of San Diego with the fleet of 190 boats. It was a beautiful sight seeing almost all of the boats under spinaker( big colorful sail for downwind conditions) as they turned south for the border. The last two months in California were a lot of fun, but the real cruising begins now.

The first leg of our trip was not without excitement. The first night at sea was calm as the winds filled in from the north. By Afternoon of day two the story changed. Large swell from the Pacific North moved its way down the Baja, and a little more excitement was about to take place. We listed to weather from the rally boat as they were receiving weather info via satellite phone . Conditions were supposed to increase that night then die rapidly. So with a fish on the hook at dusk we, along with most of the boats in the fleet decided to pull into the nearest protected achorage for the night.

For us the closest anchorage was Cabo Colinet. We would be protected from the wind and would feel a little bit of the swell. Well come day day break, it was clear we should of kept going as the huge winds that were expected never came and the swell moved across the bay with a new found force. Breaking waves showed there strength a little too close to our stern. So up the anchor went and out to sea, far from the rocky shores we sailed.

With full sails up and light air we surfed down the faces of the fast building swells hoping for a little more breeze. Oh and did we get it!

October 28 2nd night at sea

The winds built fast and the direction of the swells started to prove challenging. The auto pilot that steers the boat was now not able to keep our course, and the next 24 hours would be a test of not only our boat, but our family as well. My kids rock! And Daddy is the Hero. The wind now has built to 25 + knots and the seas are quickly rising to well over 25 feet, the boat is loud as she surfs down the front of these huge waves. The waves are big, but they are close together as well making the steering a bit more challenging. Thor is at the helm hand steering as the kids and I lay horizontal for the next 20 plus hours.. 24 hours to be exact Uncle Jesse, our crew for the trip down was also horizontal resting awaiting his watch and a chance to relieve Thor.

Our normal watches are at max 4 hours. He would sleep through 4 watches as Thor stood at the helm hand steering for 16 hours. No margin for error is how Thor put it and he only trusted himself. So for the next 16 hours Thor stood at the helm tired, wet and hungry. It took a lot but I mustered up just enough energy to get him a ham sandwich, his slippers and some chocolate, and a coke to keep him going. It's not so much that I was tired, it's the smells I didn't want to deal with.
The motion of the boat was erratic and the thought of cooking anything was out of the question. Mal de Mer had joined the crew. We had all done so well at this point.

We did not eat, we barely drank, we laid there in the aft cabin snuggled together listening to the sounds of the waves crashing and the hum of the boat as we raced down the waves at 18 knots wishing daddy could be warm and dry next to us.

October 12, 2009

It's a small world after all.....

This week was filled with some exciting and some not so exciting activities. We had our first and hopefully last injury. Tristan had a little encounter with the sidewalk at the skate park. A little lesson learned. Even if Mom says to take it off a sweet jump, don't Listen. It was pretty traumatic for all, but he is healing fine and should be ready to go again soon.

The big adventure was Disneyland. All the Temme cousins got together and had a fun filled two days. Thursday night we did the Trick or Treat party with Mickey. Tristan was Anican Sky walker and Sienna was a Little kitty cat. We will be underway off Baja for Halloween so the kids got their costume and candy fix. Disneyland was a blast and Sienna was just tall enough to do the big kid rides. They loved it! Pirates of the Caribbean and Matterhorn where some of the favorites. We left Tristan at Disneyland and came home with Indiana Jones. He has worn his new get up everyday with much loved attention from passer byes.

We are now finished with most of the big projects. New sail covers and shade awning are done and look great. WE were planning on leaving today , but high winds from the wrong direction have altered the plans for a few more days.
There is never a shortage of things to do in Santa Barbara. Saturday was the Harbor Festival. Great food, music and a lot of people. We saw a handful of people we knew, the builder of Meshach was in SB for the day on her new Catamaran also heading South. Thor enjoyed showing her all the new parts of the boat, and she was very excited about the finished project. We also got a surprise visitor from Kauai. Andy Evans showed up at the boat, he was in town just for the day and spotted our mast from the dock. We had a nice dinner with Andy his friends and the Avila's. Meshach is pretty unmistakable, it is always fun to run into friends in far off places. It is a small world after all.....