November 24, 2009

A day In the life of La Paz

La Paz has been a great place to base ourselves for the last month. So much for the lazy days of Mexico. La Paz is a real Mexican town, a far cry from the tourist traps of Cabo San Lucas. No timeshare sales pitches, no trinkets being forced at you everywhere you go and no cruise ships to dump thousands of tourist on the beach. La Paz is a real town, it is the capital of Baja and a place local Mexican come to get away from it all. There is one problem when it comes to La Paz. It is a hard place to leave. Now La Paz is not tour typical vision of Mexico, it is beautiful, but in a special way that you have to experience for yourself. La Paz is large enough to get about everything you might need, but small enough that after a few weeks and a few trips down the Malecon, the faces start to look familiar and the town quickly grabs a hold of you.. It's no wonder we returned here, and we know we'll be back again. We have been a little delinquent in our post but, hey we have been surprisingly busy with all sorts of boat projects. Can you believe it more projects? But with all the work comes even more play. We have been enjoying meeting up with old friends in La Paz and meeting new ones as well. It is almost as if we never left, almost as if we never left, except now we have two rascals to show our old stomping grounds. All is well, and as our little four year old says," Ahh La Paz!"

November 18, 2009

Los Suenos

We have been enjoying the this exclusive resort and the beautiful anchorage in Los Muertos. We have lost track of time but think it has been about five days of luxury resort life. The resort stands alone in an isolated bay with many surprises
The first sursprise was that no one was here. We were invited to enjoy the pool(s) as long as we had a drink or lunch. The restaruant had a second story dedicated to kids, a museum size elecrtic train set including kid size tunnels to explore, and explore they did.

The Gran Suenos is located about 40 minutes from La Paz and sits on one of the most beautiful bays of the East Cape of Baja. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and the deep green grass of the golf course is a soothing sight in the dessert terrain. I would recommend this relaxing oasis to anyone wanting a beautiful Baja vacation. Hey we might even still be here...
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Bahia Los frailes

We had a great time exploring the sea life in Los Frailes
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November 14, 2009

Addios Cabo

We all had our share of Cabo , some a little more than others. The anchorage was a far dingy ride into the marina, but the clear warm water, and the nice breeze were a much better choice. The overpriced Marina came with no breeze, loud rap music and a a fee of 150 per night. We left Wednesday morning and headed up the Cape to Los Frailes, a spot that we enjoyed in 2000 and 2001. We had a slow sail up ,but made up for it with the fish we caught. We caught a 4 foot Mahi and a 20 pound Ahi. We enjoyed sashimi and sushi for lunch and ceviche and tacos for dinner.

Los Frailes was again a great anchorage. We enjoyed dinners with our friends on Vento, and had fun seeing the gang on Qualchan. Tristan made a new friend Luke who is his age. The boys impressed us with their independence. Tristan and Luke took off solo in the Kayak and landed it like pros on the beach, carefully watching the surf and timing their landing and take off perfectly.

The bay was alive with bat rays flying out of the water, large schools of colorful fish and a fun and noisy sea lion colony. The only downfall to the bay was the no see ums on the shoreline at dusk The evening Bon Fire had to be postponed.

All is well, we are now under sail now headed toward Los Muertos ( Bahia Los Suenos) where we will wait out an upcoming weather front and hope to find a few more amenities than Los Frailes.

The upgrades on Meshach have been great, but we are again without refrigeration... Not that bad but ice is now a much needed commodity given we just caught our third fish. Plenty to share in the next anchorage.

November 11, 2009

Turtle Bay to Cabo

After a crazy night at sea we arrived in Bahia De Tortuga. Did I mention that for the first time in Baja Ha ha history a boat was lost. J World a very sea worthy boat and experienced crew hit a Humpback whale and was sunk in 45 min. They spent two hours in the freezing water and two more hours waiting in the life raft for the coast guard.

We are ready to get off the boat and and stretch our legs. Not much has changed since we were here last in 2001, except for the amount of boats. It's crazy to see so many boats anchored in one bay, all so far from home. we have already shed our warm clothes and the water is warm enough to swim. The kids are magnets to other kids and they act as if they have known each other a long time. I guess the shared experience creates a bond, or they are all just over adults.

With organized chaos the Baja Ha ha group stormed the beach for volleyball, swimming, surfing, water balloons and a potluck. It was fun seeing the kids explore their new surroundings. Sienna kept saying are we in the real Mexico.

We went into town the second evening for the Day of the Dead, definitely a small town festival. T and S enjoyed the park in the town center and we had a great meal at the local taco stand. The braver of the crew ate tripe tacos, but I stuck to the carne asada.

Onto Bahia Santa Maria......