June 17, 2010

Agua Verde

Agua Verde Goats

Agua Verde
The last time we anchored in Agua Verde was in 2001, same boat different crew.  It was just Thor and I during the the winter months.  It was the last months we would spend in the Sea of Cortez befoe heading south to Puerto VAllarta and the South Pacific.  It was day and night from this latest visit.  We were anchored on the North side of the bay as a strong Northerly blew and for the first time ever we drug anchor.Of course this happens when Thor is running a 103 degree temperature.  We started the engine to soon realize no water was running through and that the inppeller was shot.  It was the quickest and most nerve wracking experience.  Other boats were woken up and warned that we were dragging, we had no power and we were working on it.  Long story short.  All went well and after lifting anchor we decided to re anchor in better holding.  We better holdng meant 5 hours of no sleep on the floor in the center cabin, as the boat pitched in the surf.  At the first light of day we decided it was too cold and the wind was just not coming from a direction that was fun .  So as cruisers tend to do we changed plans and South we sailed.  Leaving Agua Verde and destinations north for another day and time.

Well that day came.  Here we anchor with our extended crew of four.  The weather is clear, the sun is hot and the water is almost too still.  We are anchored in the southern part of the bay nicely tucked into the cove in about 8 feet of clear water, the temperature of the water is 85 degrees.  We walked though the village to find some of the famous goat cheese with no luck. We did get lucky with the fisherman that just pulled in. We were able to buy a nice size fish. Tristan and Sienna made friends with the little black puppy that they have claimed to train in a matter of twenty minutes to fetch rocks.  No No No we can't have a dog...tears from Sienna but the mention of smores and a bonfire perk her up. 

June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Tristan

Wow It's that time of year again! Tristan is turning Eight and he has asked if we could go swim with the Sea Lions today.  "Why Not." We do live on a boat and we are about an hours sail to Isla Islotes in the Sea of Cortez.  We have visited this sight numerous times and usually find we have it to ourselves. Well minus the Sea Lions.. So another year under his belt and what a year it has been.  Tristan's seventh year has been a dream.  He has logged more than 3,500 ocean miles, swam with the likes of sea lions, dolphins and manta rays.  He has explored countless uninhabited beaches and gathered buckets of treasures and junk. We have taken train rides to the mountains Baranca De Cobre.  He crewed in an international regatta on Meshach with friends from Kauai, and they placed first.  Fishing off the docks and catching 28 puffer fish ..we did throw them back.  It has been a great year.  I hope this adventure has lit a spark that will keep burning in him the desire to learn, travel, seek out and give back.  My baby is growing up and we are blessed to have this time to watch it happen right before our eyes.  Happy Birthday Tristan!  You are loved.

June 13, 2010

Adios La Paz

Science day with other cruising kids!

We are leaving La Paz after a month of projects.   Dentist appointments, haircuts, shopping, homeschooling, beach clean ups and re-provision the boat and canvas projects to keep the boat cooler during the summer months in the sea.  A month goes by quickly when there the to do list is long.  We are now headed to Isla Epiritu Santo to celebrate Tristan's 8th birthday.  We will bury a time capsule that someday he will be able to find on his visits to the Sea.  We are happy to have the water once again moving under our boat and excited to move north into the Sea of Cortez to discover the magic unknown anchorages.  We are looking forward to catching up with friends and meeting new ones.  The cruising season is ending as hurricane season approaches and for the ones who are not bashing north back to the states they are heading further into the sea for cooler weather and hurricane protection.

June 05, 2010

A fishy Tail or Tale?

Remember this Photo?

Back in March we were in Puerto Vallarta where we enjoyed a fun visit with friends from Kauai.  After a week of racing fun in the Banderas Bay Regatta the girls on Meshach along with friends Amy and Nancy and Zada from Eyoni played it easy at the resort.  The boys all went out on Meshach for a two day dive trip to Corbatena Rock to spear some big fish.  They had fun trip and a successful catch.

Months later Nancy submitted photos to the popular Latitude 38 magazine which of course included pix of the very large fish we named The Toad.

Here is a fun story that showed up in Latitude 38 a popular sailing magazine. Looks like we stirred up a little controversy.  All in fun of course.  Read for yourself the three stories...

To give credit to the pix. The boys in the photo with Tristan are Max and Sasha Rovinsky!

Pix Submited to Lat 38
Editor doubts Photo
Let the truth be known.

The best part about all this is Nancy and Ethan on Eyoni are out of internet range and are missing all the drama.  We are looking forward to catching up with them soon and share some fish stories....