May 31, 2012

All Sails are Flying and Fresh Fish Dinner

The wind has backed off and it sounds as if the last few days at sea might just be the most enjoyable. For the first time since leaving Cabo San Lucas all the sails are flying. Both the main sails are flying high and the spinnaker is full. Yesterday they caught a nice Mahi Mahi that they cooked up breaded style and will have the rest today.

With the wind and sea calming down it has given them the energy to do some domestics including showers, sheet changes and for at least Thor a clean shave. He is getting a little bit of badgering from the crew for not conforming to their pirate ways. All is well and the ETA for Oahu is Saturday.

21 20N 150 24W
7-9KTS  Boat Speed
420 Miles to Ala Wai

May 30, 2012

Three weeks and Counting. by Angela

I asked Angela if she wanted to write a post to add to the blog, First I personally wanted to thank Angela for giving up Aaron for the last three weeks, especially since she did not know us very well before this trip, had no previous knowledge of our boat, Thor's experience or what the trip actually entailed. It is a big commitment to take off on a trip like this leaving work, responsibilities, family and friends on a pretty significant journey. Aaron and Kevin both have been a great addition to the entire trip. It's not all fun and games prepping a boat that sat unattended for a year and a half. Their first 48 hours was traveling and lots of work getting the boat ready. They did manage a few fun times including the last 11 days at sea. The trip is winding down and we are all anxious for them to be home.
Today their position is:

21 10N 147

I am so grateful to Tanya for keeping up with the blog, so that I have something to
reference to as well as the e-mail texts and few minute conversations over the SAT
phone that I have received from Aaron throughout the trip. I’ve been e-mailing w
the Martin family as well, they are thankful to feel a part of things through these
methods as well.

Aaron had really expressed his excitement about this trip and how much it would
mean to him to not only gain the experience of such a huge endeavor, but to sign
off on a bucket-list caliber undertaking. The weeks in preparation endured a lot of
forethought about all the major and minor details that would be imperative to be
ready for as his position as first mate. His experience at Class Afloat and years of
being the water-man that he is, has given him ample knowledge on the minutiae of
his craft. He also spent countless hours preparing to take epic pictures & video’s to
document the boy’s journey. A big part of this crossing for Aaron as well was to get
a chance to write, he has that internal nature that is expressed through writing, and
this would be the perfect opportunity for him to focus a bit on that.

From his departure with Thor on May 9th, Aaron has done everything he can to
keep me updated on his experiences, in Loreto; the yummy Mexican food, to
the sanding of clams & barnacles for hours and sleep deprivation. To La Paz; the
Temme’s friends and family, meeting  up with Kevin, the continual sanding of the hull, to
provisioning. From down to Cabo; the tourist trap! And countless details in between.

Now out at sea for going on 2 solid weeks. It seems as though the boys are a stable
team. They have all been pushing onward with huge effort to take shifts throughout
the days; being on watch, to resting, to renewing. I’m not sure how much cooking
is happening, but if I know Aaron, he likes to eat a decent meal, or meals. However,
every time we’ve talked, he has mentioned that he’s due for a solid shower! Sounds
like they are all a bit salty…. Yum. I’ll make sure to prepare myself for that on their

Aaron has said sleeping has been a bit difficult for him this time around. He’s been
resting, but the solid hours of sleep are sparse. The adrenalin of the entire thing
I’m sure has been a contributing factor. I know I do not sleep well on boats, I cannot
imagine trying to sleep while going 15-19 knots. PHEW!

He is quite ready to have the comforts of home again. I think he will have a long hot
shower, a fresh meal and then be ready to sleep, probably for a few days straight!
It will take a bit to reintegrate into a daily routine, but the sweetness and bounty of
Kauai and the love in our house will make it a wonderful reunion.

May 29, 2012

Closing in on Hawaii May 29th

Here is the am posistion for Meshach
21 33N
143 40W

The boat was provisioned for 3 weeks and now it looks like it will be 13 days so they are planning on eating well for the next few days before the agriculture inspection on Oahu. No produce, fruits or vegetables from a foreign port can be on board at time of inspection. Well at least it will simplify things if it is not on board..

May 28, 2012

Monday May 28

Closing on on Hawaiian Islands. They have set the clocks back a few times. the posistion for today @06:28 was

21 42N
139 55W
1006 Miles to ALAWAI 940 miles to MOLOKAI


They are hoping to go thought the Molokai Chanel during daylight to get some footage of Molokai Pali..

May 27, 2012

Sunday May 27th

Not sure if they recieved new charge for airtime for the Sat phone but they were still able to text.
According to the Sat Phone company the additional minutes should have been processed. Position as of this morning is:

22 01N 135 58W

It sounds like the weather is a bit frisky and the fact that they are still reefed down means there is no lack of wind. The waves were a bit of a roller coaster ride last night and it was too much for the auto pilot so they were taking turns hand-steering. All is well.

May 26, 2012

Saturday May 26th Update OOPS

All is well today's position is: 21 35N 131 59W

Not much sleep for the boys last night as the seas were a bit turbulent and the motion of the boat a bit uncomfortable. Sky is still overcast and the air is cold. This is a good thing for those worrying about hurricanes. Hurricanes don't like cold water and they are far enough north that it is pretty rare to see one this early in the season. (Normally June 1 -November).

They did say that the sun was out long enough that they all showered on deck with their allotted fresh water solar showers. They are roughing it a bit. We do have an endless amount of fresh water on-board thanks to water-maker that turns salt water to fresh, hot endless showers ...That is when it works. The pump went out before we came home to Kauai and the idea of bringing all the parts to Mexico and fixing it was a bit more than Thor wanted to deal with, so the old fashioned solar showers one each is there fresh water shower solution. All the onboard tanks and extra containers are saved for drinking and cooking.

Been there and done that! For two years PC (Pre -Children) we sailed with no refrigeration, no hot water, or water maker. We sailed thousands of miles from Hawaii to Mexico, and through the South Pacific without theses luxuries, it was amazing, fun and completely doable. Would I do it again sans the little luxuries of cold beverages, hot fresh water in endless supply? Absolutely NOT! Ha HA well maybe.

So they are hours away from the halfway mark. One big oops is that they have not updated me on how many minutes are left on the Satellite phone. As of this morning after call 9 minutes remain. We can recharge the minutes which I have done, but it takes 1-2 business days to do so. Today is Saturday and lucky us Monday is a holiday. So unless XSAT GLOBAL turns out to have exceptional customer service which so far has not been proven, the guys are left with no communication till Tuesday.  As of this morning they have 9 min left  and they need minutes to be active and allow the additional airtime added to card. so all the updates from this point on through the weekend will be minimal.
 Will keep you updated...

May 25, 2012

Friday May 25th Update

Ok the sat phone is fine. A little communication error. Here is the boys daily update.

21 39N 128 20W
COURSE 276  Sailing 8-10 knots in 13 knots of wind.Still cloudy and cold. No traffic, No Fish  but Happy Crew. Almost to the halfway mark.

So there it is another quick bit of info. 1860 miles to go with a stop in Honolulu for immigration and agriculture.  Hoping to be on Kauai no later than the 4th , weather permitting. They all sounded up beat and looking forward celebrating the halfway mark with Meshach message in the bottle tradition.

Till tomorrow.

May 24, 2012

May 24th More Wind and Sat Phone on the Blink

Today's Position as of 6:30 am this morning. 22 03N 124 40W HEADING 276 WIND 13KTS NNE

The air is still cold , the sky is clearing and the sun is shining just  a bit more. 200+ mile days with 1854 miles to go.

I was gone for the last few days with Sienna's first grade class in Kokee . Kokee is a fabulous escape from technology, but explains the lack of communication over the last 24 hours.

All is well, but there is a chance that the sat phone has gone on the blink. Angela received a short call from Aaron which basically ended with "Battery is dying, and only charge when engine is running" and then silence. So there is a possibility of some type of charging issues or a major defect in expensive satellite phone.

Charging is usually no problem unless the solar panels are not keeping up due to the cloud coverage they have had. They can run the engine to charge batteries, so hopefully it is a simple problem that with lots of free time a three brains hard at work will be able to come up with a solution.

Thor is resourceful and knows that we really want to hear from them. So we will cross our fingers and hope to hear from them in the morning. 

With he winds they are having now and the estimated 200+ days we should expect to see them no later than the 4th of June...hopefully sooner.

May 22, 2012

Tuesday the 22nd Update

Here is the  location and a few tidbits from a 2 min satellite call and a few 160 character text. They can receive text for free and outgoing is reasonable with the Iridium sat phone, but voice calls are still pretty pricey. Technology is a amazing and has changed quickly.

Today's position is:

22°17N 117° 39W heading is 266° on the line to Hawaii

2,242 miles to go 

Sails still reefed and they are maintaining an average speed of 8 knots

Wind is N 14 knots and wave heights 3-5 feet.

The wind is turning a little more NE which means they are hitting the trades. Everyone is eating well and Kevin is quickly becoming a seasoned sailor. No boats spotted. Nights have been wet and a bit cold but they are all adjusting well to the rhythm of the ocean and their watch schedules.

The best part about sailing is you never miss a sunrise or a sunset. They all reiterated how amazing the solar eclipse was.
If anyone would like to send a quick text let me know I will forward text # and instructions.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
- William A. Ward

May 21, 2012

Monday May 21

A morning call at 6:10am found the Meshach crew well and having covered 196 miles in the past 24 hours. The wind is still out of the NW with seas 2-3 feet.  They have a reef (shortened sails) in both sails and are doing about 8-9 knots boat speed.

Today's Position is: 22° 09 n  -114° 49'w

They were all in good spirits and feeling great. Doing great time and looking forward to hitting the Pacific NE Trade-winds this will be a fun and fast point of sail for Meshach. Last night they were treated to the Solar Eclipse The Ring of Fire where they saw about two-thirds of the eclipse and took great photos that will have to be shared when they arrive back on terra firma.

Sunday May 20th

Received a short call on Satellite phone that all was well. 20 -25 knots of accelerated nw winds and a bit up a bumpy sea.
Position at 5:30 am Hawaii time was 22°20' north 111° 17'w.
Everyone is doing fine.

May 19, 2012

One Last Stop 22.8800° N, 109.9000° W

22.8800° N, 109.9000° W
Cabo San Lucas

There is an old sailing superstition that you never leave for a long passage on a Friday, do not have bananas on board or women for that matter. This would not be the first passage that was started on a Friday. The new development would restart the voyage to today making the official start day Saturday. Ok I feel so much better. Ha Ha

I was surprised this morning to receive a call from Thor's cell phone this morning clearly still in range and not as far off as I thought they would be. The decision to stop in Cabo was made due to the fact that...well why not? The winds were light, not much to talk about on the horizon, more fuel wouldn't hurt , topping off water, and a few more select provisions were needed. Peanut butter black tea and a bit of fresh bread to be exact.

The first 24 hours out was an easy motor sail, mostly motoring at around 7 knots in calm and glassy water through the Cerralvo Channel. The boys were kept entertained by the numerous pods of dolphin, several whale encounters including false killer whales and jumping manta rays.

In a 24 hour period they hooked up 6 tuna as well as a 5 foot mako shark. After a crazy catch and release. Yes, there is more to that story the shark got away, the lewer skirt was salvaged and let's just say we will be needing to purchase a new gaf for the boat.

So the quick trip into town included a bit of provisioning, a little more fuel, water and a quick replacement of the salt water wash down pump.

All is well and the guys were underway doing 8 knots, with a reef in the sails and 25 knots of wind. They departed Cabo just before sunset, dodging barges full of tourist on sunset sails, inflatable banana boats and a giant replica of a pirate ship.   So now they are really on there way. Next stop Hawaii.....

May 18, 2012

Kauai Here We Come!

There is no way to describe the feeling of pulling up the anchor and heading off into truly the last frontier. It is an adventure no matter how far your sailing. Some of the best adventures are just the next bay over. Today Meshach left La Paz. The kids and I are excited to have Meshach home and more excited to have our family back together. The best way to describe the send off is by someone who was there. This is an email from our wonderful friend Nancy on S/V Eyoni. Nancy is also our official boat photographer when we are sailing together.  Ethan will be keeping the guys updated on weather and Zada keeps us smiling. Love the toothless grin Z! Thanks for the send off.

Well Tanya, this morning at 7:11am the anchor rose from the choppy waters of the bay of La Paz and with a slightly tangled shackle Aaron & Kevin hunkered over the bow to twist it free while Thor stayed at the helm.
Aaron and Kevin Raising Anchor

Anchors Away

Zada saying goodbye to Meshach and crew
Moments later both sails were up and they FLEW by us with a good wind of about 18 knots pushing them out of La Paz.  Zada laughed as we zipped madly about them in the dinghy, getting wet and cold, and later cried when we had to fall off and go home to take her to school...
Ethan showing Shaka!

 It was a treat to see them off.  A treat to see them all excited and happy with arms flying in the air and waves and farewells sent across the windy bay.  It was also bittersweet....but I'm happy for them and you and for Meshach to again be moving through the water and eating up the miles and doing what she does best (and looking mighty sharp I might add)....sail!

Oh the one picture of Thor handing the garbage was funny, as he pretended it was a gift that she was to "sort though later to see if anything really good was inside" and she grabbed it and said "yeah, right Mr. Thor, a bunch of trash is all it is" and everyone laughed and it was good....and fun.

 So, they're off.  The last I saw of them was an hour later when I was running down the malecon and at a little after 8:00am they were crossing in front of the big Pemex tanker and rounding the corner and heading due north out of the channel and straight down past Pinchilingi.  Two little white sails flew and I was happy to give them one final wave and then I ran my favorite little hill 3 times, one time for each of them...thinking good sailing thoughts for them on this journey across the Pacific on that beloved boat called Meshach.

Our love to you....




See you soon!

May 15, 2012

Ballenas, Spam and TP.

There is a lot of planning involved when you set off on boat to cross 3000 + miles of open ocean.
  1. Find crew X
  2. Get Boat cleaned and ready X
  3. Provision boat with necessary supplies. (ok according to the boys this is a X as well)
  4. Wait for weather window ( WHICH IS WHERE THEY ARE NOW...WAITING)
So a little background into provisioning a boat. This job usually falls into my to do list. It takes a lot of planning, many trips to multiple markets, more planning, organizing and stowing. Buying produce at all different stages of ripeness and buying produce, eggs fruits and vegetables that haven't been refrigerated will lengthen the life of the produce as well as knowing just the right type of goodies and food will work well underway. Thor will admit this is not his forte and Aaron asked me multiple times for a list, since I know my boat and what works, I didn't manage to do that and Aaron was confident they would be fine. Sounds like Aaron sorry Thor.. might be the only cook amongst the crew.

La Paz is a great place to provision.You have the super marcados, the daily markets, Wal-Mart and the Mega. The MEGA I hear is now the spot to find all or at least most of the food goodies and essential supplies. So off to the market they went. I happened to call in the midst of the shopping frenzy and the only question was," How much toilet paper do we need?" Somehow I should of taken that question serious instead of a slight chuckle and moving on to other things. The following pictures explain it all.

"The Crusher"

Special Ballena Holder

Provision Take 1

Notice sleeping bag and Beer

Where is the Pinata Going?

Healthy Easting! NOT
Lots of Heuvos

You can takes the boy out of Hawaii but you can't take the Hawaii out of the Boy
The Spritzer keeping Aaron Cool in 100 degree heat
Consulting Call for Provisioning A little Late! Borrowing extra transport boat.
Meshach Dingy Stocked
Loading Meshach

So by the looks of the great pictures ( Thanks Nancy for documenting ) they are well stocked with the basics, candy, cereal, pancake mix, canned foods, staples beer and spam. Quite the epicureans. Fruits and vegis are loaded last and I am sure those are included. They did a great considering...hahaha
Oh and they did remember the toilet paper.. They did ask if I though 4 rolls was enough... Three guys, 4 flats of eggs,  two weeks+ at sea.   HMMM! Enough said! Yikes... Good luck boys...

May 14, 2012

Arrival in La Paz - Our Stomping Grounds

Meshach sailed quietly into the La Paz channel this morning. It is a always nice to sail into a place that is familiar. La Paz is a place we have been going to with Meshach since 1999 when we sailed for two years pre kids and then in 2010 with them. What's better than a familiar place is familiar faces and the smiles and laughter shared with friends.

What a great feeling to be in a place so far from home and not have one familiar face but many.  Thank You Nancy Ethan and Zada on Eyoni for the multiple times you sailed north and stopped by to check on Meshach at anchor in Puerto Escondido, thanks to Marc for taking the boys around and getting the boat fueled up. Nothing better than a ride to the petrol station in a truck with a/c in the 104 degree dry air.

Kevin arrived today in La Paz. Kevin already had ties to La Paz and a truck and surfboards waiting. The crew is all together now and by the looks of the photos they are all having a great time. Thanks Nancy!

The next few days will be spent provisioning, finalizing any projects and checking weather etc. All is well in the Baja.
Thor Really missed Ethan

May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Fun!

We all agreed we  would rather be with Thor sailing back to Hawaii but we found a great way to spend Mothers Day at home. Lovely day at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens.

Mothers Day at NTBG

May 12, 2012

Meshach Sailing Again

Aaron and Thor have already proven themselves a good team. With sleep deprivation and two days of hard work cleaning fossilized bird poop off the deck and oyster sized barnacles off the hull, these guys have managed to get the boat shipshape, provisioned, fueled up and underway in a little more than 48 hours. There is a bit of mixed emotion realizing Meshach is leaving Mexico and starting the first leg of her journey home from Baja. Thank you Linda and Orlando on the sailboat Cube Libre 3 for keeping me updated and sending the photos of Meshach leaving P.E.

The Sea of Cortez and Mexico is by far one of the most beautiful places. The desert meeting an emerald colored sea , the most amazing sunsets, sunrises and a sky dotted with millions of stars. If you look at Baja at a glance it is a desert, not much to see, and from some perspectives boring, but if you live Baja it is life. Truly you live, you explore, you search and you find. The ever changing landscape, unimaginable colors of sunrise and sunset, a thriving sea full of creatures big and small, sea caves, clear waters, mystery, wonder and time. Time to reflect on what is important. Time to realize you don't need much. Time to enjoy your surroundings and those you care for. Time now seems to slip through our fingers as everyday life, responsibility, new business, juggling kids from here to there keeping them busy.

There are not too many distractions when you live on a boat in the middle of nowhere. Well except the chore of meal planning or catching your meal, swimming, homeschooling and keeping the boat maintained. The extraordinary became our ordinary. I feel so blessed to have experienced this adventure with my family and as sad as I am to see Meshach leaving our second home. it is not goodbye Mexico just hasta luego.
Meshach left Puerto Escondido around 7:30 pm heading south to La Paz. Many of our favorite anchorages will be passed in the dark, but probably for the better being that it would be way too tempting to stop ta everyone of our favorite bays for at least a day. I think the two to thee week trip could easily turn into more. Fair winds to the crew and we will hear from them in La Paz where they already have an arrival party of familiar faces waiting.
We will chart the crossing with the next point being La Paz.

View Meshach Pacific Crossing 2009 and 2012 in a larger map
Please feel free to post your comments or Hello to the crew we will get them the message.

May 10, 2012

2009 Meshach Crossing

View Meshach Pacific Crossing 2009 in a larger map

Sailing Meshach Home

It has been awhile since I wrote anything on the blog. Starting up again to track the progress of Meshach coming home to Kauai from Mexico. So here we start the 3,000 mile adventure home. I will update the blog an soon to be added map to chart their progress over the next few weeks.

So today is the day that the adventure to bring Meshach home to Kauai gets underway. There is a bit of sadness to see Thor leaving to go back to Mexico without us, back to Meshach but we are excited about having the boat home and spending time this summer in Hanalei and getting reacquainted with boat life. Oh how we all miss it and can't believe a year and a half have gone by.

New adventures in business have kept us more than busy. Captain Thor and First Mate Aaron Martin left Wednesday for Mexico. Thor will be making his tenth Pacific crossing, the 6th on Meshach. We are excited to have Aaron aboard as first mate. Aaron and Thor race together every Thursday as part of the Ozone crew which also includes Steve Mitchell who made the crossing to California from Hawaii in August of 2009.  Steve is an amazing friend who gave up years yes years of weekends to help rebuild Meshach. Thanks again Steve for aall your help on the extended haul-out. Yes! Very Extended! Steve was unable to join the boat this time as wedding plans are making for a busy next few months. Congratulations again Steve and Annie also crew on Ozone.

Aaron  has a lot of sailing experience including a year aboard a tall ship and countless back country, white water rafting and other amazing adventures. A third crew member Kevin will be meeting Thor and Aaron in La Paz Mexico on the 14th. This will be Kevin's first big crossing, but he is an experienced waterman and I have heard the fishing will be great with him on-board.

So here is a little run down of the next 3 weeks. Thor and Aaron left Wednesday for Mexico with a stop over in San Jose California. The long lay over in San Jose was spent at the luxurious Hotel Denny's( yes the 24 hour restaurant). I don't think they were bright eyed this morning when they boarded their 3rd plane for Mexico.

I finally heard from Thor 6 hours after he landed. So much for calling when they landed. Yes I did the normal wife thing worry... All is well and the reason for the long delay was horrible cell connection in Puerto Escondido, busy getting the boat opened up after a year and a half and some provisionong for basic food for the next few days.  They were able to send an email and call over internet phone once they reached the marina.

Meshach has sat on a mooring unattended for over 18 months. The report is all positive. a bit of bird decorations and a fairly healthy reef growing on the hull but all systems are working , engine started right up with no problems and a shiny clean prop. ( thanks again Ethan and Nancy on Eyoni for checking up on the boat and wrapping the prop.)

The guys are exhausted and will spend tomorrow doing some cleaning top side as well as removing the reef from the hull. The plan is to head south to La Paz on Saturday.  I will try to update blog daily The plan is for the guys to call via satellite phone daily once they are underway to either myself or Aaron's girlfreind Angela. Thanks Angela for lending Aaron to us for the next few weeks.

Signing off for now hasta manana!